Hello, my name is Charles Day! My blog was created to share the joy I have in Christ with all who read it. My prayer to you(the reader) is that you will learn something of value from this blog. I will share my life with you and my testimony before and after I turned to Christ.

I was born in Glendale, Arizona, August 26th 1997. Both of my parents were initially with me as a child, so I have faint memories regarding them. Sadly they were never married legally, and were messing around with other people around the time of my birth. At the age of 3 years old, things changed forever. That day was a very memorable day, even though I was only 3. I vividly remember walking around the house, and seeing my family crying, yet I could not figure out why. Next thing I knew, I was at the police station and in a new family.

When I was old enough, I came to a realization that both my parent had passed away. It was a head on collision car accident with both parties deceased. I have three sisters in total; two older and one younger. When this happened, my sisters and I were split. I went with one family along with my younger sister and both older sisters with another family.

We moved frequently as far as I remembered until we lived in Wittmann Arizona on a 7 acre land. My guardians always struggled to get by with food and other things all throughout my childhood. We never had WiFi, or any kind of devices growing up. I had to learn to be content with what I had at all times. It wasn’t until about the age of 10 that I realized myself along with my sister were being neglected emotionally. This came about it many ways, such as: when they went to the movies, everyone would go except us, when they went bowling, same thing. When they went camping, we stayed at home, etc… Things went on like this and we learned to get accustomed to it.

My guardians instilled some religiosity in me, however it was more cult-like than anything else. They believed in the old law and kept many of the commands and we were told we wold go to hell unless we did these things also, so naturally we followed. It wasn’t until I was 12 years old and my younger sister 10 years old that our guardians began to drink and do drugs. This opened up a whole new door of pain for us because they were always drunk and with that, they would abuse us. Specifically my younger sister would get attacked by the woman out of jealousy. However, when it was me or any of my cousins, the stick always fell to me being punished or beaten. We grew up and learned to adapt to this as well.

With all of this, pile on the fact that they did not put us into any kind of schooling system until cops would come regularly to our home. I believe I knew every one of them by name. Interestingly, I taught myself how to read at 7 years old from the bible and bible prayer books! I loved reading and then I taught my younger sister also. When We did get into school(8th grade for me), there was an awkwardness because we were raised in this excluded atmosphere at home and didn’t have any social skills. Not to mention, I had no clue what was going on. I started out in “Special Needs” English class and regular classes for everything else. Amazingly, things came to me naturally by just listening and focusing on what was being taught. I did not originally know any math! Yes, not even basic multiplication/division. By the end of 8th grade, I had all A’s and B’s, read at a 10th grade level and exceeded my AIMS tests, regardless of the fact my teachers urged me to wait a year to take them.

Even though we were in school, nothing stopped at home. The fighting, shouting, beating, cursing and violence remained throughout my whole high school career. Because of the atmosphere of high school, I plunged into a darker self than I could have imagined. I no longer cared for God and denied I ever cared. I gave into impurity every chance I had and always wanted more. I was rebellious, slanderous and hateful to many people. Most of all, I was a thief, both physically and emotionally. I stole every chance I got, and was never satisfied. Emotionally, I would deceive many women into thinking I was interested and never talk to them again. Because of this, I gained the trust of a woman who was older than I was and married, yet I encouraged her to get a divorce. Their marriage wasn’t good to start with but I gave her false hope and then never talked to her again out of fear and anger… I was always bitter and did not know how to, nor wanted to trust anyone due to my guardians way of life.

One night, I came home and they were as drunk and/or high as always. I was very angry and emotional that night. I cannot remember why. However, I caught wind that my guardian tried to do something with my younger sister and this triggered me. The only reason I lived and wanted to was because I wanted to be an example for her. So I kicked him out of his house. I was about 6 feet tall then and 180lbs or so, so I was able to fight him. We got into a full fight outside and nobody else was around, the only one was my sister and she was there crying. Next thing I knew, I had my hand around his neck chocking him… I felt the life leaving his body and I made the decision in my mind to kill him. It seemed like the best way to help my sister and to end the pain, though I had a plan to kill myself after. Before he passed out, my older cousin came out and got me off of him. I was angry and left with my sister. She called the cops, but they came for me because my cousins backed him up. Next thing I know I am being arrested and in the cops car. The cop looked at me and he simply said… “I believe you”. I stared at him and waited for an explanation, he gave me some of the best advice I have heard. He told me that it wasn’t worth it and that I had to be the better man no matter what the circumstance. Shortly after that my guardian ran away and left her 6 year old son and other kids behind… I filed a missing person report but a week went by and nothing. Because of this, all of the children, including me were taken away. I was placed with my older sister.

I looked up to my teacher in high school as my father and stayed after school every day for 3 years to help him and the other teachers. I was the go to person to fix things and help build major projects at the school. He knew what I was going through for the most part and sympathized with me. I even stayed at his house on various occasions. Because of the belief that him and other teachers had in me, I graduated high school in the top 10% and in all core honors and AP classes. Everyone who knew me and the situation of my life saw this as almost impossible. Yet, I had no goal, no purpose, no love and no hope. I was not going to go to college or pursue any further education, however my teacher basically forced me to sign up and write about my life and story.

Because of him, I got accepted to Arizona State University as a full ride scholar. Everything was paid for and I was shocked. My life seemed to have a purpose now, but when I got home at the end of the day, something was missing. Many times I have considered suicide, and have looked up ways and reasons as to why I should do it… The only thing that stopped me was a small voice that said “you know this isn’t right”. I felt like my terrible life had justified why I could do it. I often went on top of buildings and even had a gun. I pondered it a lot but I also thought about my sister and this made me sad. If I quit, I’d give here a reason to quit as well. My freshman year of college, I was depressed all the time, even though I faked being fine… I bottled up so many emotions. I was the type of kid who would shoot up a school because of my emotions, I had often pondered it and it seemed fulfilling to me.

One night, after I took a Chemistry test, I went to the small market to get some food before I went to bed. Out of nowhere, this tall dark-skinned fellow approaches me with the largest smile ever and asked “Do you believe in God?”. Of course I said yes. He continued, “Would you like to come to our Bible talk?”. I told him no, quite rudely and left the room. Oddly enough, I saw a guy who had two kids with him and I smiled. To my dismay, he stopped me and asked the same exact thing as the other guy. I had a conversation regarding computer science and programming with him and then I felt bad for wasting his time, so I said I would go. The bible talk was a small little open-ended group discussion and the man, Jeremy bought me coffee. Now I LOVE coffee. When I left, I left with a heart that was softer. I went to the one a week from then and then they asked me to study the bible. I have never studied the bible before and was intrigued because I always saw hypocrisy in Christianity.

I began studying the bible and I was challenged by what the bible said. The people who were teaching me were actually calling me to live out the scriptures and not seeing my sin as acceptable. This was different to me, because I had always accepted that I would go to hell and that was that. However, as the studies progressed, they helped me work out some of the things in my past, and got in my life to learn about what I had been through. I felt so close to these guys and God due to the things being revealed and how I was to overcome them. Two weeks later, I made the decision to be a true christian as the bible defines it and was baptized on April 10th 2016! Now it has not been easy since, but because of God I am currently doing the best I have ever been. In my purity, in my love, trust, passion and most of all, purpose! Jesus gives you a purpose, but it is up to you to find out what it is. I encourage you to check out our movement of churches (http://www.caicc.net/directory-of-churches/ ) and make changes in your life, especially if you can relate to anything I just shared. Thank you brothers and sisters, glory be to God!




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